Parent Support Link’s Telephone Contact Line Service

Parent Support Link aims to provide a 24-hour service to callers seeking either Information about illegal substances and their effects, or as a listening ear to people who find themselves affected by another persons drink or drug use.

The aim of PSL is, through volunteer workers, to provide a round the clock service, where a person will respond to callers. However if the answering service is used e.g. if the line is busy, then it is expected that the call will be responded to within 6 hours.

By providing telephone support we are able to listen and help where we can – sometimes just talking about your concerns and worries can help! We know it may be daunting to make that first call and all our helpers are aware of this and will be able to offer you the help and support you need when you call.

Our experience can help you. Knowing you are not alone and being able to talk through your issues and concerns with a sympathetic and most importantly knowledgeable & understanding people can make all the difference to how you are currently feeling.

We are here to help you so call us now on 023 8039 9764

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