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These are offered to callers who identify as requiring more support than is appropriate on the telephone contact line. There are many circumstances where this is the case, and the volunteer workers are trained to recognise and read this type of call. This service is delivered at our office base but also across Hampshire. The sessions are offered through an appointment system, and we aim to offer these appointments on a next day basis.

One to one sessions are offered to explore ways of coping and work towards a plan to change the way things are. This is arranged by appointment only. During this time an assessment is made jointly with the people concerned.

We can now offer appointments across Hampshire in recovery centres under the HOMER initiative. We regularly hold one to one sessions in the following locations;


You can find out more about the Hampshire Operation Model for Effective Recovery (HOMER) by clicking on any of the addresses.

We are here to help you so call us now on 023 8039 9764

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