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This is a community based activity, and is provided in areas where the general public can access the service i.e. shopping malls, health fairs, conferences, training events etc. The stall that we provide is run by volunteer workers and provides factual information either in verbal or leaflet form and a chance for people to see what illegal substances, and some of the paraphernalia looks like.

The aim of the ‘information giving’ work is not to approach the public or canvas support, it is a passive exercise aimed purely at offering information in the most accessible way as possible. We can also invite people to our office to gather information or use the resources i.e. leaflets, books or dvds/videos.

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  1. Holly Mann says:


    I am looking at hosting a talk/information event at our school. We are a pupil referral unit in the New Forest and I am currently putting together a series of talks to try and engage, and advise, our pupils on factors that may pose a problem in their lives i.e. alcohol, gambling, anxiety, cancer awareness. Could you let me know if you are able to provide us with someone who could talk to the pupils, or if you are able to point us in the direction of someone who could help?

    Thank You,



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