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  • New book by Alastair Campbell called My name is…

    My name is…… is a new novel by Alastair Campbell. It is about a young girl’s journey through alcoholism, giving different people’s perspectives as well. We will not say too much, but please let us know what you think about it via Twitter or Facebook.

  • World’s first drugs advice Iphone app for parents

    For the first time parents can now access essential information and advice about drug issues via a new iPhone and iPad app.

    ‘Know Drugs – the Parents Guide’ is a unique blend of detailed information about illegal drugs and ‘legal highs’ with video based guidance for parents on dealing with drugs issues.

    The app (available from includes a full guide to the effects of different drugs, slang terms and the key signs for parents to look out for with their teenagers. There are also a range of videos where ex-users give their own first hand experiences of using various substances including cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy.

    The video question and answer section is presented by actress and BBC television presenter Nicola Reynolds. The app also features an important step by step video guide for parents on what to do if their son or daughter has collapsed after taking drugs.

    The creator of the Know Drugs app Liam Watson said “For many parents the world of drugs can appear frightening and confusing. With new drugs and ‘legal highs’ appearing on the market every week it’s no surprise that parents often feel that their kids know more about drugs than they do. We have strived to create an educational tool that informs parents about drugs issues in a responsible and balanced manner.”

    He added “We know from the feedback we have received already that parents will find the Know Drugs iPhone app very useful as a means of educating both themselves and their teenagers about drugs issues.”

    Please visit for further information and links to download or follow this link to be taken directly to the Apple store download page