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The first point of contact is always the telephone line 023 8039 9764

Parent Support Link offer telephone support for the concerned friends & family of drug and alcohol users.

Support for those affected by someone else's drug and/or alcohol use

Parent Support Link aims to provide a 24-hour service to callers seeking either Information about illegal substances and their effects, or as a listening ear to people who find themselves affected by another persons drink or drug use.

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We are always willing to talk to potential new volunteers.

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Parent Support Link have collected a number of links to supporting charities, support resources and information sites.

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Parent Support Link offer support if your son, daughter, partner or friend is using drugs

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One person with an #addiction but many around that one person can be #affected the #DominoEffect. If you have been affected by a loved ones #substancemisuse give us a call & have a chat it could be such a relief just talking to someone who gets what your talking about!

Who took the Sober Spring challenge? Thinking about the summer? We've got a new blog for you from @cathgraywrites, talking about the challenges of being alcohol-free or moderating your intake during the summer months:

DEA restriction on painkillers unintentionally boosted dark web drug trade, says study:
#drugabuse #mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwareness #Drugs

"Incidents of domestic abuse increase by 38% during the World Cup". Read more at

If you or someone you know is using drugs or alcohol problematically and needs support, visit our website

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